Cantilever Scaffolding

When the ground is stable enough to support standards and the upper level of a wall is being built, construction workers employ cantilever scaffolding. Needles, which are protrusions protruding out from a structure on which a platform sits, provide support for the standards. Workers remove the needles from the structure’s holes. Because this form of scaffolding is frequently more unstable than other varieties, taking extra measures while erecting it may be beneficial.

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When there are obstacles that prevent a scaffolding tower from being erected, such as the ground not having the capacity to hold standards, the ground near the wall needing to be free of traffic, or the higher part of the wall being under construction, cantilever scaffolding is employed.

Cantilever scaffolding places the standard some height above ground level with support from needles, whereas traditional scaffolding requires a frame, post, or base post to rest on the ground or lower building.